Kahoot games can help you use right-to-left languages, giving you a better way to learn more languages. It would help if you took a chance to find instructions on doing right-to-left work when you try to make your questions or answers.

Some Problems You May Face

You will see that a symbol typed at the end of a sentence will turn up at the start.

The order of the words may be ruffled up by a numerical or Latin character or symbol in the center of a sentence.

How To Fix Them

When a question is being written, you should type the question mark first; after that, you can type the question text. By doing so, it won’t turn up in the end.

If the numerical or Latin characters are contained in the sentence, you should put the sentence so that the characters turn up at the end instead of showing up in the middle.

You should make an image that includes a question, then start uploading it to the image field. After that, the question field will be utilized for writing an overall expression or guides framed around the picture.

You are not recommended to use the keyboard if you want to alter the text direction like what you did in Microsoft Word because if you do so, your HTML code will be shown up in your questions and answers.

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