Wealthy Affiliate University is one of the largest online education centers for Internet marketing. With its 7000+ members, 500+ tutorials and 12 different internet marketing related tools, it offers one of the best centers to learn different tricks to make money online and execute them.

Wealthy Affiliate University has been around for five years and has already trained thousands of successful Internet marketers. Inside you can learn everything from basic to advanced stuff.

At the same time it offers more than 12 tools that help you in every aspect of making money online. One of the best tools I like is Site Rubix which is a simple website builder. With it anyone can create a 5 page website in about 30 minutes, if you have already written the content. It also includes a keyword competition analysis tool that analyzes the competition and possible profitability of a keyword. In addition to these two tools that are my favorites, there are about a dozen other tools that are very simple to use and have tutorials.

The best thing I like about Wealthy Affiliate University is its forum. There are more than 350,000 posts in this forum. Whenever you get stuck in something there is always help around. What I have seen in the last year is that all the members are really helpful and can guide you on almost any topic.

There is also one-on-one coaching from Kyle and Carson, the owners.

I’ve been a member for over a year and will recommend it to anyone who wants to make full-time money online.

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