New age professionals are fully equipped with gadgets like laptops, Blackberries and mobile phones. With all the gadgets they are able to set up the office anywhere. Employees who work remotely are well aware of the problems they face, especially in terms of technology. Employees who work from home are disturbed by many things while they work, things like looking after children, household chores or just not being willing to work can lead to a large decrease in employee productivity.

Hotdesking is the answer to all these problems. Hotdesking is how employees are encouraged to share their workspaces and other office equipment on an as-needed basis. The small business can invest one-time money in mobile office equipment and technology instead of traditional office equipment, and can be confident of the benefits and profits. With the advancement of technology teleworking has become very easy. Employees can work from home and access the company’s secure network in minutes. This setup ensures that there is plenty of space created within the office so that employees can book space according to their needs. The hotdesking concept is particularly suitable for companies that are based in a geographically dispersed area.

Today there are two ways in which the Hotdesking concept can be implemented.

Traditional – Formal and traditional desks with a full office setup can be established and people who are Hotdesking will come on designated days and use the office equipment to complete their work. Printers, fax machines and other equipment are also provided by the companies.

Informal – In this informal Hotdesking mode, employees have the option to use office seats as they become available. There are typically laptops that are issued to employees and commute using wireless telephony.

We have now listed for you some of the areas that may be considered for refurbishment if you are planning to implement Hotdesking in your business.

  • Cubicles must be designed in such a way that any computer can be plugged into them.

  • Phone services need to be configured in such a way that people who log into that particular computer should be able to use it.

  • Personal or shared storage and archiving services may be provided.

  • You also need to create a meeting room as people using Hotdesking will definitely need the meeting rooms to discuss the plan.

  • You also need to set up a reservation system, whether automated or manual. This setup will be helpful for employees to reserve their desk and other office equipment as they arrive at the office.

It is highly recommended that you conduct a detailed study of your facilities and also consult your employees before planning the implementation of the Hotdesking concept in your company.

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