Going to college is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. It helps you set the direction of your life and you are finally ready to join the world as an adult. However, with hundreds of universities offering thousands of courses to students, choosing one that fits your interests and personality can be a daunting task.

Most people make an effort to read reviews before doing even a simple activity like going to the movies or going on a trip. So it makes sense to read up before making a decision that will have a major impact on your life.

Your college education is closely tied to your ability to earn a living in later life. It’s worth investing time and effort in reading what other people have to say about it.

There is a significant difference between making up your mind and making an informed decision about which University you want. Student reviews will give you an idea of ​​the university you are interested in and how it measures up in various important respects. These criteria may include, among others, costs, food, lodging and education.

This is where student reviews come in handy. What you really need is not just information provided by the university authorities themselves (this will obviously tend to be selfish and biased) but information provided by previous or even current students. Student reviews tend to be honest and based on actual first-hand experience rather than glossy “formal versions printed by the universities themselves”.

Also, student reviews cover a lot of details. You can get insights into everything from cleanliness to bullying to the quality of the academic courses offered. If you’re interested in particular extra-curricular events like sports or social work, student reviews are a great way to get real-time insight into what’s good and what should be avoided.

Not all student reviews agree in opinion and you will encounter a fair amount of inconsistency. But this is perfectly understandable as each student’s individual perspective will be based on her own unique experience. Given the wide range of student individualities, not all students fit into the culture of every university.

So, for example, if you are a soccer lover, it’s safe to assume that if 14 out of 20 student reviews are in favor of soccer for X University, soccer is a good option to choose.

Even if you have completed a bachelor’s degree at a particular university, you should still read student reviews before moving on to the master’s degree. Remember, it is not necessary for all courses offered by the same university to be of the same quality.

You may want to pay more attention to detail oriented reviews rather than just opinions with no supporting facts. Student reviews of colleges are a great way to decide if a college is right for you and what exactly you can expect as an overall learning experience.

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