Error 718 is a normal internet error that occurs while connecting to the internet along with a dial-up connection. This error is basically caused when your PC fails to access the internet connection. When the Point-To-Point protocol doesn’t work properly, error code 718 occurs. PPP contains some definite instructions, where multiple computers are connected through a modem or serial device. It is mainly used to help your computer connect to the server. When this feature doesn’t work, the internet connection cannot be accessed for use.

Error 718 appears in the following format: “The PC you are calling was unable to set up a dial-up network connection. Please check your password and try again.” This error might occur due to multiple reasons including damaged internet connectivity, improper functioning of the modem, incorrect login details and finally the Windows registry might be corrupted. If you plan to solve this problem, you should first check and confirm that your system is not connected to the internet.

Many of us will fail to check whether the system is already connected to the internet or not and as a result you will never be able to connect to the internet again to fix the problem. You can confirm this by simply opening Mozilla or IE and typing a website randomly and checking whether the internet is working or not. When you confirm that the computer is not connected to the Internet, check and verify the login details you entered. Many users don’t even conclude that the username and password they provided are wrong, unless a technician fixes them. Since this is a dial-up Internet connection, the username and password must be entered correctly in the login box. If you still don’t find it working, you should reinstall the modem connected to your computer. Updating the drivers and reinstalling the modem is one solution to fix this error.

In addition to reinstalling the modem, you need to repair the Windows registry to eliminate errors and bugs it contains. The registry could be cleaned using a tool called a registry cleaner. The cleaner scans the machine and finds errors in the database. It also fixes all such errors and accelerates the speed and performance of your machine. Since the registry serves as the building block of the computer, it serves as a central repository for saving files, settings that the operating system requires to run.

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