In this article, I will reveal a dozen words that could change your life. Why? Because research at Yale University has identified the 12 most powerful words in human language…that have been shown to grab attention and stir emotion in their readers. Here they are…

or you

or Save

or Results

or Health

or love

or Tried

or Money

or New

or Easy

or Security

or Discovery

or Guaranteed

So how could they have discovered these “tried” “new” words “you”.

be used to generate ‘results’ and make ‘you’ more ‘money’?

It’s easy.’ You will ‘worship’ in the way you can ‘safely’

integrate them into your ads and sales letters. More,

you will “save” thousands of dollars by burning a hole

in your pocket from ineffective advertising…


Notice how easy it is!

Oh yeah, one more thing. Once you start implementing everything

these words in your copy… you may find that the extra

The “money” you earn will help you relax. Consequentially,

many people find that their “health” improves as a result 😉

Let’s look at how we can change a couple of headlines I’ve seen in advertisements and brochures around my office to incorporate these powerful words…

Heading 1: The Benefits of Advertising on XYZ Website

It could change to: ‘Discover’ the benefits of advertising on the XYZ website

Or: Finally… ‘You can’ ‘discover’ a ‘proven’ way to make more ‘money’ by advertising on XYZ’s ‘new’ website

Or: You will “love” this quick and “easy” way to generate more “results” through advertising on XYZ’s “new” website

Title 2: Great places to stay. Great places and special offers

It could change to: “Discover” these safe places to stay. Great “new” locations and special offers

Or: who else wants to “discover” a “safe” and “easy” way to find great places and exciting “new” offers?

Or: you are “guaranteed” to “love” these great places to stay. These amazing places are “easy” to find and you will “save”

‘money’ with our great new offers.

Can you notice how easy it is to incorporate hot words into your ads and sales letters?

A word of caution: These words are a tool…albeit just as mild

painkillers are not a cure for cancer… they are not a cure

for an ill-conceived copy.

However, they will definitely spice up your communications.

Yours in profits,

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